Gurus of Kala Dalan

The Teachers Of Kala Dalan

Shrimati Madhumati Mane

  • Ms Madhumati Mane is the coordinator of Kala Dalan. She looks after entire gamut of publicity, organizing workshops, registrations, coordination between students and teachers, and related activities.
  • She is the disciple of Late Shri Madhavrao Shende and has been involved in the activities of the Trust since its inception.
  • She is known for her attention to details and organizing classes to accommodate all students and teachers, as per everyone’s convenience.
  • She is a ready reckoner for music students and teachers in the region. Her recent feat is facilitating out of state student via virtual sessions, for Bharatanatyam.
  • Her daughter is a rising star and multi talented child, excelling academically as well as artforms of singing, acting, Bharatanatyam and theatre.
  • Her daughter is testimony to the excellent time and skill management of Ms. Mane.
  • Ms. Madhumati Mane can be reached on: +91 8208922442

SuShri Aarti Siddhanath Jamadar

  • Ms Arati Jamadar teaches BharatNatyam at Kala Dalan. She has been associated with the institute for past two years.
  • She is a favorite among the students. Anyone, she counsels for prospective BharatNatyam classes, enrolls for the class. That is her passion and dedication to this artform.
  • He has a degree in psychology, which helps her understand students and help them in their foray into this classical dance form with ease.
  • A Visharad in BharatNatyam, she possess hobbies in teaching, acting, dancing, acting, reading and traveling.
  • Her activities vary from organizing Bharatnatyam dance shows, acting in dramas/movies/ web series and motivational seminars.
  • She can be reached on: +91 7758854991

Shri Nandkumar Malavde

  • Known as Sangeet Visharad, Shri Nandkumar Malavde teaches Harmonuim and Classical Singing at Kala Dalan.
  • He is a music teacher at Saraswati English Medium School, Koregaon and K V Bhandari Private School, Koregaon.
  • He organizes Sur Zankaar, a program on Hindi and Marathi songs.
  • He also performs devotional songs with social messages and is the President of Koregaon Taluka Warkari Mandal.
  • Remuneration notwithstanding, Shri Javale tirelessly travels between Pune, Satara, Koregaon and Rahimatpur spreading the knowledge and igniting passion of classical music in young enthusiastic minds.
  • Shri Nandkumar Malavde can be reached on: +91 9860273098

Mr.Vikram Jyotiram Kanse

Vocational education. Music wizard (tabla).
Job:- Yashoda Public School Satara (C.B.S.E).

  •  Start by entering music field from E.7
  • Fifteen years of uninterrupted experience in music field.
  •  To pass in Classical Tabla Visharad Category (special guidance of Tabla Alankar Shri Sachin Mukund Rajopadhyay.
  •  Subtle and medical guidance of Pandit Ramdas Palasule for intensive study of Tabla subject.
  • Special training is going on from (Guruvarya Amol Rabade Sir) Kolhapur for special skill in classical flute playing.
  •  Deep and subtle experience of Bhajan Saathsangat.
  •  Love for classical and sub-classical music

Miss. Bhumika Shailesh Dabhade

  • DOB : 30 /04/2002
  • Adress: 384,Mangalwar peth, Satara.
  • Education: Bachelor of science in Microbiology.
  • Bharatnatyam : Vishard purn ( Gandharv mahavidyalay)
  • Extracurricular activities : Swimming ( state champion)
  •  Theater artist.
  • Dance ( Western, bollywood, folk) .