Our Mission

Indian classical music tends to rest with the urban elites. The wave of urbanization is sweeping the Indian villages and towns towards the cities. Art, including music, is no exception. Paradoxically, Indian music that originated in the agrarian society of India, amidst the nature and biodiversity, was sheltered and nurtured by the kings and maharajas and now it has become hobby of Urban society. Indeed, the devotional music (abhang and bhajan), musical story telling (Kirtan) and community music (bhajan manadali) still has roots in rural India but it needs to be conserved and promoted.


There are hidden musical talents in villages. A flower in the forest goes unnoticed. Or may be it is noted by those who live in that forest. Indeed, the flower does not bother if any one is taking note of it. It just blooms to blossom in the sun and enjoys the god given existence in the company of other trees and flowers. It does not desire to be part of bouquet or flower arrangements to attract the attention.

However, there is risk of losing the traditional routes. This web site seeks to promote the ways to mitigate that risk. Number of city vocal and instrumental artists is excelling in their field. It is important that there is platform to connect them with the villages and towns where the promising talents in villages go unsung and silent.


This web site and the Trust’s events attempt to provide such platform and network. Late Madhavrao Shende’s family, his close friends and the residents of his small town called Rahimatpur-in Western Maharashtra celebrate annual Sangeet Mahotsav (music festival) since 2005 in his memory.


This web site brings you glimpse of that man and of the annual Sangeet Mahotsav in Rahimatpur.”

We would like to spread the Indian classical music among masses